Stand up for you

Hey peeps! Long time no see. Ya just cause of me. I know but 😁😁

First off, I love you all! So don’t think there’s no one for you. I’m always. Promise.

So this particular topic is really sensitive for me because honestly and embarresly speaking I have never ever stood up for myself.

People have embarresed me in the worst was possible. Let’s not start with the things they have said but trust me when I say they were hell bad!

So let’s just start with the simple points that will help you-

  • Trust yourself- if you trust yourself, you will always be able to reply because as such one of the biggest problems I’ve faced is that when someone says anything about me I actually think that it is true and now I realize that’s so freaking wrong. Those people want to bring you down. DON’T. LET. THEM.
  • BE CALM- So personally experienced whenever I’m super angry or depressed I end up saying either nothing at all or something completely bullshit and that’s even more of an insult so be sure to stay calm and those people commenting on you are No-One, you are the only person who has the right to comment on his/her selves.
  • Comebacks- This is the last point I’ve in my mind and I know it’s very important for some people because I’m a part of those. The biggest problem I face is that I’ve no reply. So I suggest you to have conversations with yourself, whenever you are free. Think about various sentences and try to think a reply and then a reply for that too. Complex but helpful. Again personally experienced. And in my next blog there will be a list of comebacks. You might want to check that.

So this is all I’ve got and I know it’s really short and I’m really sorry. Though I also want to include something else and Important here.

Salute to everyone who participated in MARCH FOR OUR LIVES! You all did an awesome job and everyone supports you. I’m so proud of each and everyone of you. And thank you for doing this for us!

So here’s the closing-

Contact me at-

Please suggests some topics for the blogs.

Till next time, sweethearts 😘😘

New Beginning

Guess who’s alive? Yeah that’s me!

Hey peeps!

Firstly welcome back. Long time no see, huh?

So this blog is gonna be like a new Beginning. I’m not going to remove my previous blogs but the main starts from here.

So let me explain myself in this blog.

I didn’t post anything for the past months because I had no idea what to post and write about but now I have decided even if it is telling you guys that I love you, I’ll post every day and spread even the tinniest bit of positivity I can.

All my previous blogs were more like about who I’m which I think is wrong. I mean, I obviously want to share my experiences with you all but first I think I should start with getting to know you and spreading positivity.

Now that’s all I have to say about the previous stuff. So here’s the new beginning..

I’m Keyah Taneja, a 14 and half year old and this where I write blogs so yeah.

All my blogs are going to be completely informal. I don’t want anyone to feel pressurized to like be formal and comment only “proper” stuff.

You have the full right to let yourself loose and do anything you want. That’s what this whole site is about BEING YOU!

Don’t let anyone, I repeat anyone change who you are. Because if you change yourself, you may like the “new you” for a while but I swear on my life, it becomes uncomfortable and irritating after a while. If you were meant to be like that you would have been but right from the start.

But this doesn’t mean that if you are doing something wrong, you’ll just be the same and not change ever. You should change only if you yourself feel the need, not because anyone else does.

Yes there are times when you have to change certain things because of others since human is a social person and you have to complete all those obligations. That’s great! Really! But to a certain extent only. There’s always line, you just have to realize where the line is.

Becoming a good person is nice, obviously but harming your own personality for that is not. At times it is fine but not every time.

So don’t let anyone change you, be you and feel proud of yourself.

People make comments cause that’s what they are for.

A very bad example but it’s true so read this-

Remember dogs bark and you ignore them unless you actually care for them. People make comments and you are meant to ignore them unless you Actually know that they are doing this for your benefit. No one knows your benefit better than you so evaluate the situation first and then respond.

Again don’t always let you be the one who changes. Everyone is supposed to make compromises, not just you so always keep in mind and again,


You will not speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself, in your brain so be kind to yourself.

Till next time, sweethearts 😘


Hey people! I know I’m posting after a real long time! So very sorry!

Actually my parents have Removed the password of internet from my phone so I get very less opportunities to surf online

So how are you all doing? You mean a lot to me! I love each and everyone of you!

There is something I want to share with you all, no one knows about this yet! So you all will be keeping my tiny little secret with you!

So as I’ve mentioned earlier my sister and Dad have some differences between them and now that leaves me and my mom to solve it out.

Actually my sister is becoming worse day by day and I’ve know idea what to do. Let me tell you this I’m 14. And it is really difficult handling such things at this age cause let me tell you their fights are really ugly.

You know, I won’t say that my parents are always right cause I know they are wrong at times but my sister feels that they are wrong at each and every second.

And whenever my dad and sister fight, my mom prefers or more like always take my dad’s side, like support him, you know.

And my sister hates this and so her relationship with my mom is also worsening.

A few days back my sister and Mom were arguing, this contains all that shouting and throwing stuff. So yeah, I tried to sort this out and obviously my sister shouted at me as well. The things she said were something no one wants to hear from their sibling’s mouth. It killed me to hell hearing those. After they calmed down, I realized one thing, I was shaking. My mum doesn’t know about this, I told her after around 30 minutes when things got way worse with me. I mean, I couldn’t even hold a pen or stand without support. She thought this was because I was unwell, I’m and so I believed her.

But even today my dad, mom and sis had a fight and I was right in that room and was hearing all those shitty things, again I was completely shocked. But after they ended things by going to different rooms, I went to drink water and realized I was shaking again. I couldn’t hold the glass and all.

I don’t think it is happening because I’m ill. Even though it has happened two times I feel the reason to be completely different.

The fact is I don’t want to tell anyone.

See, there are somethings about me. I’m a really anxious person, with all those fingers twirling and all. I care a lot about what people will think and how will they judge me, hence the name. I feel this is related. I don’t know why but I’ve got a sick feeling about this.

The point is the shaking isn’t that bad, it is just I can feel my nerves shaking inside me and I feel like I’m gonna fall but I don’t. I can’t feel a thing. I’ve no idea how to explain this. Even now my hand has slipped so many times while writing this. I have no idea what to do. Please people help me!! I don’t want this to get worse cause I promise this feeling scares me to death. I feel as if I’m not in control of my body. This is hell!!!

Help me out and if you need any help too mail me at

Seeing you all soon after the fake me sleep😍😘

Importance of Sorry

Hey ya people!! Thanks for reading these boring blogs. I really owe my life to you all. 
So I wanted to tell you all something that’s quite personal and one of the main reasons why I’m writing this blog that is to share my feelings with you all and to get some suggestions. 

I’ve got some issues. And the one most important are my family issues. 
So I’ve an elder sis and I have no idea how to frame this but my dad and her have some serious issues. My dad is a very aggressive person, I agree and he has made some serious mistakes in his life. One of those was his behaviour with my sister. He belongs to those categories of thinkers who have a mindset that once children start saying a thing frequently it will become a habit. So whenever she does something bad my dad scolds and he has been really anger inflicting person towards her in the past. And now my sister believes that he hates her, even though he doesn’t. 
So today they had a fight and my sister ended up saying certain things she would never say when she’s in a calm demeanour. 
And my dad never expected that sohe had  that broken look on his face. It tore me apart to see that. 
You know being a 14 year old and facing this for the past 3 years has been tough for me. I’ve cried myslef to sleep and I’m crying while writing this but I just want to get it out now. 
I’ve seen various atmosphere at my home but today was the worst. My sister crossed her line and my father looked completely broken. 
I felt shattered. I’d no idea how we’ll be solving this. She had a fight with him a few days back as well. The main problem is whenever she fights with someone she completely stops talking to that person. 
Few days before only they started talking and now this shit happens.. 
Then my mum and I talked to my sister. Being an aggressive person like my dad, she didn’t understand at first. But then we pointed out the important of a positive mind and told her that he’s her father and she told him


This has happened for the first time in years and I was the happiest when this happened. I think this is a step forward towards a better relation between them. 
The main point of this blog is telling  the importance of the word sorry. 
My sister is calm now. My dad is peacefully sleeping in his room and my mum and I are the happiest.
See a single five letter word “SORRY” made it all better. It might be hard to say it at first cause it’s a matter of our ego. But you know when your ego is small, you are big. That means if you place someone else before your ego, you become a much better person,  not worse. You earn blessings from that person and that adds to the book of karmas. 

This single word has a lot of importance. Use it. 
I hope this word helps you all out just like it did for me. 
Comment down your problems or email me at Promise to respond. 
Seeing you all soon after the fake me sleeps. 

Love you all😍😍😘😘


Hello People!!!  Thank you for such a positive response on my last blog in such s short time. I’ll be forever grateful for it. 

So I wanted to tell you all about the story I’m writing on the app “Wattpad”. The name of the book is “This Time For Me”  By Escape12. I would love it if you all read it and honestly tell your thoughts about it to me. You may comment here or on the story. 

So, yesterday I uploaded the first chapter and only my one friend knew about it. The special thing is I got 8 reads. I know it’s a small number but hey if we actually see I got 7 reads from unknown people and that means a lot to me. 

It boosted up my confidence to the highest level possible. This is my first book from that id. 

Actual I was initially writing a book and I told my parents about. I mean I wanted them to know what I was doing. They really liked it. But the problem arrived when my parents decided to inform all their friends and relatives about this book. Ohk I did get 200 reads because of them but those were the people I was trying to escape, just like in this blog. I mean not them personally but their judgements, comments. 
I for sure like it when someone is being honest but those are the people the ones who insult me. There were some who I didn’t even know. And my already negative confidence added up to it. 

I’m  a really anxious person and my reaction was- I ended up writing the story from that id. Currently that book has 577 reads and 7 publisbed chapters. Maybe I’ve achieved those 200 reads because of my relatives whom I don’t want to read but those 377 readers, they were actually interested in my story. It hurts me really bad to know that I’ve left it there. I’m a reader as well and I know how much it hurts when you are actually connected to a story and then suddenly, the author stops writing. I feel like complete shit doing this. 

For some time I feel I should continue there only to gain some confidence, I don’t have even a small percentage of it but then I think if I use any curses or put in any romantic scene, those people will comment and judge me again. I hate it. 

Please comment down on what you think about it, what should I do? Because I still have the time as the story of “This time for Me”  is completely same as the previous one,  only the character’s name, faces, title and the book name has changed. The story line is same. And I still have a chance to ask the readers of the new book to read the previous one as more chapters have been published there. Please help me people!!! 
Thank you for reading this and you all can comment your problems as well or ask for email. I’ll reply, promise. 
Seeing you soon after the fake me sleeps…. 

Love you

First Time

Hello People!!!  
I don’t think anyone will ever read this but let’s try atleast. 
I think that this blog will be escape from those judgements I get every day and the ones that have crushed me so bad that the real me exists only in my dreams. 

I want to share my life and problems with someone and I think these blogs are gonna help me. You guys are going to be the one who suggest me the solutions and whom I suggest the solutions. 
I’ve many good, really good,  friends but the fact is because of what has happened with me(I’ll explain)  I’ve some trust issues. And I’m afraid to share this part of me with someone I know. 
 I want you all to become a part of this journey and help not only me but yourselves and each other, down there in the comments sections. You can comment anything and everything you want or you can ask me for my email and mail me. 
I know this whole seems to be a very emotional type of thing.  But I promise there will be funny moments shared as well.  But only the truth so I can be the real me somewhere in public.  

Thanks a lot for taking out time and reading this shit ass thing. 

Seeing you soon after the fake me sleeps…. 

Love you